Global design has no borders

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Roy Tavenor 28 February 2021

Whatever your definition of the “New Normal”, one thing is very evident in the world of design – the importance of working creatively across borders and time-zones, from your office and remotely.

One team working from 2 design studios - Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh City - Red. is working on multiple projects and new opportunities in 6 countries. A key to this approach is collaboration with local partners on the ground in our various markets. Just because travel is restricted, it does not mean our projects are.

One example is a great partnership we have formed with DHD Architecture and Interior Design in New York City. A highly regarded practice founded by architect David Howell, a New Zealander, DHD has been instrumental in the design process for a number of our Brickworks projects in the US. Based on Red.’s Design Studio concept developed by our Melbourne design team, the US sites for Glen-Gery are being created with a unique Australian design aesthetic. We collaborate with DHD as our local architectural partner - through their team based in New York. Our first project together has been successfully completed with the first Brickworks Design Studio opening in Philadelphia.

Brickworks is the largest brick manufacturer in Australia, and in 2020 acquired the Glen-Gery company in the US. They decided to reinvent the customer experience in their North America sites based on the success they have had with customers, architects and designers in their Design Studios in Australia. Red. and DHD are building a dynamic partnership across three continents - showing that design has no borders. Want to talk global design?

Contact Roy Tavenor - RED DESIGN GROUP Chairman or David Howell - President of DHD.



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