RED 360

Red 360 is revolutionising how we design



Augmented Reality RED 360


Red 360 is our proprietary 3D visualisation platform.

We use it to bring our designs to life in full colour realism and animation. Designers love to start that first hand sketch an a mood board, and a floor plan. To make our work visually impactful and help our clients to visualise their projects is where Red 360 comes in. From 2D sketches and plans we quickly move into a 3D modeling stage - starting with black and white wire-frames. Adding layer upon layer of detail like coiours, finishes, lighting, furniture, fixtures and graphics really brings the concept into 3D reality. Movement and animation is at the core of Red360 so we use fly-throughs, real-time models and interactive 360 panoramic views so you literally “walk through” your new space.

Here is a great example of our 3D capability using Red 360 to visualise one of favourite projects - the design of the Petersham RSL club in Sydney.

The process starts with detailed 2D sketches

Sketches are then transformed into black & white
wire-frames for rendering


Lastly, a life-like 360 panorama allows you to
experience the space like never before.


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